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Introduction to Downstream
Downstream is a company dedicated to helping you produce the best possible copies of your CD or DVD project.  We will guide you step by step through the duplication or replication process, to ensure that you are totally satisfied with the end product.

What is the difference between Duplication and Replication?
They both generate identical copies of your master CD or DVD, but the methods they use are very different.
Duplication is the process of recording the information, whether audio, video or data, contained on your master disc onto a CD-R or DVD-R.  It is exactly the same method that you might use on your own computer to “burn” files onto a blank disc.  The only difference is that we use robotic autoloading machines, each containing multiple high-speed CD/DVD drives to do this in a totally “hands-off” manner.Duplication is the process normally used for smaller quantities – anything up to 1000 discs.

Replication or pressing is the industrial process use by commercial CD and DVD publishers to create the discs you buy in the shops.  It requires a high-tech “clean room” to manufacture a “glass master”, from which a metal stamper is produced.  This is then used to “press” copies of the disc during the plastic injection moulding process.  The enormous cost of setting up a pressing plant means that there are only a limited number of facilities around the world.  They do not deal direct with end users, but we have established very close working relationships with some of the best manufacturers, both in this country and in Europe, in order to achieve the best prices and the best service for our customers.  Replication is the process normally used for larger quantities.  There is a minimum order of 500 units, but as there is a charge for manufacturing the glass master on orders up to 999, it is usually most cost effective when you order at least 1000 discs.We have put lots of information on our FAQs page, but if there's anything you're unsure of, please ask for advice.

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